Division of Health Services

About Drinking Water

About Drinking Water:

Management and Caring of the drinking fountains

1. Cleaning: Three times a week

2. Maintaining: Do the washing of the cylinders of the drinking fountains in the campus each winter and summer vacation

3. Charging: Set up the records of the check up of the drinking fountains and division chart, do the scenic check up regularly

4. Recording: Sign up on the record after the caring and apply the payment according to the record

The control over the water quality of the drinking water

Tests in the campus
Testing times: Do the test monthly in the dorms, and once two months in other places.
Testing unit: Applied Chemistry Graduate School
Testing method: NIEA

Tests done outside
According to the “Management Regulations of the Drinking Water” and the eighth of the “Management and Caring Means of the Drinking Water”, we sent 1/8 of the total amount of drinking fountains to the authenticate manufacturers once three months.

The process after the examination on the water quality