Division of Health Services


Rules for NCTU Sanitary and Health Caring Center Service

Rules for National Chiao Tung University Sanitary and Health Caring Center Service


Rules for National Chiao Tung University Sanitary and Health Caring Center Service

Ratified by 1st Administrative Meeting in the Academic Year 2004 on August 13, 2004
Ratified by 5th Administrative Meeting in the Academic Year 2008 on October 24, 2008
Ratified by the 7th session of the Office Affairs Committee in the Academic Year 2010 on April 27, 2011
Ratified by the 5th session of the Office Affairs Committee in the Academic Year 2012 on June 18, 2013

1. These Rules are defined to govern the various health care-services provided by the School’s Sanitary and Health Caring Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”) to the students, and faculty and their family dependants.
2. The scope of the Center’s service:
(1) Clinic service: The clinic service times are based on the public announcements on the section website. The co-payment for every visit is 100NTD.
(2) Injuries treatment: Available from 8:00AM to 17:00PM of Mondays to Fridays.
Every dorm and lab warder office will be equipped with the “First-Aid Kit” during close hours (at the door with a sign depicting that “With First-Aid Kit”.
(3) First aid: In the case of serious injuries, please call 551199 during open hours, and the paramedic will attend the case on site, and escort the injured to hospital, if necessary, or 50702 during close hours for the drill master on duty.
(4) Health examination and referral:
a. Health examination service: To handle the health examination of freshmen, listed lab staff and faculty, and provide the follow-up service to suspect cases. The hotline is 51104.
b. Referral: The referral is commissioned by “Clinic Affiliated with NCTU” to Mackay Memorial Hospital. The Hospital’s hotline is 5734922.
(5) Goods reservation service: Reservation of health caring goods is available (including first aid kits, walking sticks, wheelchairs and cold packs). The hotline is 51108.
(6) Health caring-related activities and consulting service: To organize the various health education activities periodically, including first-aid training, health promotion, weight control and the various health seminars, and websites for health, website: http://health.adm.nctu.edu.tw/
(7) Volunteers’ group training and service: The hotline is 31906.
a. Health volunteers’ group training and service:
Counterparts: the School’s students
To plan the safety education program training and train health volunteers’ basic first-aid ability, help the first-aid service, discuss the relevant issues periodically, assist the health promotional activities, and build an academy of health and LOHAS.
b. Assist in the community health promotional activities, provide service to the community people, and create the view of NCTU community.
(8) Drinking fountain management in public area: including the water quality inspection, fountain maintenance and repair, and cleaning, et al.. The hotline is 51108.
3. These Rules shall be enforced upon resolution of the Office of Student Affairs Meeting. The same shall apply where these Rules are amended.

PS: If discrepancies exist between the English texts and the Chinese texts, the Chinese texts apply.


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