Division of Health Services

Health Service

Health Activities we Hold:

  • All sorts of health cathedras  
  • All sorts of health inspection campaigns 
  • Health inspection for freshmen in university and the commentary meeting of the results  
  • Health inspection for freshmen in graduate school and the commentary meeting of the results 
  • Trace the abnormalities in health inspection and arrange the case history  
  • The Health Advancing Week for the staff 
  • Primary First-Aid Training Class  
  • Advanced First-Aid Training Class 
  • First-Aid Coach Teaching Class  
  • The training for The First-Aid Pioneer 
  • CPR learning station  
  • The Health Advancing Week for the students 
  • We had set up a Health Caring consulting station on CIS BBS – health for the consulting of the health problems of the staff and the students in the campus and we frequently post information about Health Caring. Consulting Line: 31906 for Kuan-Fu Campus 

Other Services

  1. Provide the lending of survival kits, staffs, icy bags, and wheeling chairs.Lending will be permitted after checking your identification. Call us: 51104 
  2. You can always come here for measuring of the height and the weight, check up your eyesight and blood pressure. 
  3. Provide the check up of the uremia
  4. Medical back up of all sorts of campaigns in the campus 
  5. Health Management: Keep tracing the re-examination of the abnormalities 
  6. Apply for the medical back up in the club campaigns.