Division of Health Services


Hui-Pin Wu #51105 email: claire15@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Develop health care program and supervise the execution of program


Yu-Jian Neo #31819 email: health@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecturer at National Chiao Tung University


Wan-Ru Lian #31906 email: wanlu@mail.nctu.edu.tw

1. Leading the YUAN-CHI Volunteer Group hold health promotion activities.

2. Produce health risk assessment and self-health management website.

3. Prepare and execute blood donation, first aid activities and the health education activities.

4. Conduct the Department of Health Education advocacy curriculum

5. Responsible for the Institute of technology freshman physical examination tracking and disease management.

6. Nursing support for school activities.

7. Health Consultation Services.

8. Emergency treatment.

9. The management of Health Service Center Propaganda production.

10. Responsible for the top plan and Ministry of Education program.

11. Implementation of assigned affairs.

12. Arrangements of nursing staff for the school activities.

13. Contact with clinics

14. Administrative Work, Funding management, Audit



Huang Xin-Yi #51104 email: Cindy51104@nctu.edu.tw

1. Property Management.

2. Conduct school staff physical examination, tracking and referral services.

3. Conduct student physical examination.

4. Conduct laboratory staff physical examination

5. Physical examination and disease management on freshman of Academy of Management, humanities and social sciences, Biological science and technology, Hakka studies.

6. Keep track on school safety incidents reports.

7. Nursing support for school activities.

8. Health consolation services.

9. Emergency treatment.

10. Produce propaganda of Health Center brief introduction.

11. The management of bookshelf, book borrowing

12. Implementation of assigned affairs


Ming-Chen Chung #51108 email: ming@mail.nctu.edu.tw

1.     Surgical consulting

2.     Administration and calibration of emergency kits, health supplies, and educational emergency-machines.

3.     Procurement and regulation of surgical medicine and materials.

4.     Maintenance, management, funding verification of water dispenser.

5.     Inspection of water dispenser on campus (including dorm area).

6.     Freshmen health examination and tracking personal illness of ECE and CS department.

7.     Directing and maintaining of computer hard ware and website.

8.     Care support of activities on campus.

9.     Health consulting.

10. Emergency care (once every half year).

11. Question reply of health discussion board and emails.

12. Handling of general supplies and valuables.

13. Implementation of assigned affairs.



Ya-Fen Tsai #51102 email: tyafen@cc.nctu.edu.tw

1.     Laboratory inspection of Guangfu, Bo-ai and Tainan campus.

2.     Conduction of labor health and safety affairs with associated staff on Guangfu, Bo-ai and Tainan campus.

3.     Management of laboratory occupational injury, health counseling, and emergency care.

4.     Administration of physical examination and special health examination of laboratory staff and students

5.     Handle, estimate, and analyze all health examination results and properly keep in record.

6.     Preservation of laboratory research paper, injury, and illness transcript.

7.     Conduct laboratory ambulance service with labor and health associated staff

8.     Manipulate related affairs of laboratory environment as well as health and safety matters

9.     Freshmen health examination and tracking personal illness of ECE department.

10. Emergency care (once every half year).

11. Care support of activities on campus.

12. Implementation of assigned affairs.

13. Administrative Work, Funding management, Audit