Division of Health Services

109 National Chiao Tung University – Fight for a Healthy Body

【Attendees】 Resgistration Form

  • Staff members(Those whose BMI is too high or too low enroll in advance), with limit of 20 people.
  • BMI≧28 。
  • BMI≦18。

※Formula:BMI(Body Mass Index)= Weight(Kilogram)/(Height*Height) (Meter)

【Date of events】 Schedule

  • Measurement of the composition of our body:109/3/19(First half); 109/5/26(Second half)
  • Course of nutrition:109/3/26~109/5/28(Thur.)
  • Course of exercise:109/4/23、5/7、5/21(Thur.)
  • Gain weight class(Individual consaltation for nutrition): 109/3/31、4/21(Tue.)

【Content of the event】

  • First and second half of the measurement of the composition of our body(Height, weight, waist, physical fitness, composition of our body)。
  • Courses of having a healthy and balanced diet, developing proper concept of eating are given by nutritionist, with a total of 6 courses。
  • Burning calories by secure exercises, consuming the most energy and muscle stimulation in the shortest time, with a total of 3 courses.
  • Individual consaltation for nutritionin for gain weight class,with a total of 2 courses.
  • Providng healthy lunch boxes.
  • Attendees should record diets and work outs with self-management systems.


  • The top three of losing the most weight get 3000, 2000, 1000. (Students only)
  • The top two of gaining the most weight get 2000, 1000. (Students only)
  • Perfect attendance:200 dollar gift certificate of Seven-Eleven。

【Registration time】From now on ~ March 16(mon) 17:00
【Way of registration】E-mail or handing in the registration form to the Division of Health Services

  • After the registration deadline, admission lists will be sorted by value of BMI and announced by e-mail.
  • Those who absent measurements of physiological finger will be cancelled off the qualification of participating the event.

【Co-organizer】Office of Physical Education
【Organizer】Office of Student Affairs-Division of Health Services
Contact: Miss Yao (maggie1102@nctu.edu.tw) #31906