Division of Health Services

Disease Prevention

Friday October 3rd, 2014

Disease Prevention Wash hands properly and frequently. If you are sick, please rest at home, cover your cough or sneeze, and wear a mask to protect others. 常洗手,當你生病請在家休息,咳嗽請戴口罩,罩住您的口鼻。 Health center provides free masks衛保組有提供免費口罩 If you [繼續閱讀]


Thursday September 24th, 2009

Prevent Novel Influenza If you experience symptoms such as coughing or sore throa or diahrrea or  fever (>38℃)t, please put on the face masks and  wash your hands frequently. And go to see the doctor (NCTU clinic [繼續閱讀]