Health Center

Warnings of taking medicine

  1. Return to the clinic on time and pay attention to the doctor’s instructions, neither increase nor decrease the dose of medicine, stop drug is also not allowed.
  2. Do not lend your medicine to others.
  3. Tell the doctor actively if one is taking other kinds of medicine or is suffering from other diseases.
  4. One should take medicine immediately if forgets, but need not to take medicine if it is close to the next time of taking medicine.(MUSTN’T take double dose of medicine at one time.)
  5. Medicine is not allowed to take with milk, juice, and alcohol beverages in case of the interactions.
  6. If having the plan of pregnancy or is during pragnancy, breast feeding, drug allergy(especially oral medicine for diabetes, kinds of sulfa or thiazide medicine), food allergy or preparing for the surgery(even if it is an dental surgery )or there is any discomfort after taking medicine, one should tell the doctor actively during the consultation.